USW Graduate Attributes

At USW, you will develop a wide range of academic abilities, personal qualities, behaviours and transferable skills – we call these graduate attributes.

We have identified 6 key attributes that will emerge during your student journey:


The activities you get involved in whilst at uni – will enhance these attributes further, including the GradEdge award!

They are embedded within courses alongside sector specific skills to prepare you for life after university. They will help you realise your personal aspirations and develop into the resilient, ethical, culturally aware and globally minded workforce of the future.

Commercial Awareness

Commercial awerness.jpgKeeping up to date with the happenings and developments in your area of interest.

It’s about knowing what is going on in the world around you and developing an understanding of how it might affect a particular company or sector. 

Employers look for graduates that understand how their industry and business works, what makes them successful, and appreciate the internal and external challenges they face in the competitive market place.


1x1.jpgGood communication skills are essential to build effective relationships and work with others.

There is so much more to communication than simply talking. You need to communicate effectively in reports, letters, and emails, via websites, social media and online platforms. You need to be able to adapt and tailor your approach when presenting information to staff, businesses, and organisations and well as clients or members of the public. Add the ability to keep conversations going, listen and take others views onboard into the mix and you will be able to build and sustain strong relationships.

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy.jpgUsing digital skills and emerging technology in the workplace and real life situations.

Technology is entering nearly all aspects of our life, digital skills are becoming increasingly important to help us live, learn and work in a digital society (JISC, 2014). In the workplace, employers seek graduates with the ability to critically navigate, evaluate and create information using a range of digital technologies. Skills in conducting research, creating documents, presentations and spreadsheets, communicating effectively via email and online through websites and social media are just some of the digital capabilities employers are looking for.

Innovation and Enterprise

Innovation & Enterprise.jpgThinking creatively to generate ideas and make things happen

The World Economic Forum predicts that Innovation & Enterprise skills will be the third most important skill employers will be seeking in 2020. These skills are important if you intend to become an entrepreneur, set up your own business or freelance. But they are also important to graduate recruiters looking for graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset. Graduates with strong innovation and enterprise skills spot opportunities and use their initiative to make the most of it.


leadershipThe ability to lead, guide and motivate others.

Some graduate roles include managing and leading others from the outset, others look to develop leadership skills by identifying potential employers can develop into the future leaders of the organisation. Not all roles include formal leadership responsibilities, but employers will expect you to be able to demonstrate that you can work as an effective member of a team, step up when needed, and that you can motivate and lead others towards a common goal.

Project Management

proj Man.jpgA methodical approach to planning and guiding project processes from concept to completion.

Managing projects is not easy, but it’s a crucial task in the workplace, all roles involve elements of managing tasks and projects which is why employers look for these skills, whether the job involves formal managing project responsibility or not