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……think outside the box

Inspired by the work of the NHS? 

Think it’s not for you because you don’t have the right degree…….how about you think again? 

The NHS is the largest and most diverse employer in the UK. They offer graduates a huge range of professional career options welcoming every degree subject. From Doctor and Nurse postgraduate training opportunities to ground breaking technical research, hospital management or medical photography and filming and everything else in-between....we think you’ll be surprised at what’s on offer.    

Discover how YOUR DEGREE can open the door to joining Team NHS.

Grab a cuppa and watch our Q & A panel where we caught up with NHS staff to hear about their own career journeys and the huge variety of graduate career opportunities available to you across the health sector whatever your degree subject. Our panellists are:- 

Graduate Schemes

Joining the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme will give you the opportunity to become an NHS leader of the future.   

Candidates have the choice of six specialisms – Finance, Health Analysis, Health Informatics, Human Resources, Policy and Strategy or General Management.  Opportunities are available across England.  

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You can chat to current trainees here.

This 2-year programme has been designed for aspiring NHS Wales future leaders, gaining academic knowledge as well as a hands-on learning experience, based in placements across Wales in primary care, secondary care and a corporate divisions. Trainees will study for a fully funded Masters programme alongside work-based learning. 

The NHS Wales Financial Graduate Management Scheme will give you the opportunity to develop your financial management and leadership skills whilst studying for a professional accountancy qualification through an intense development experience, learning to work alongside clinicians and other professionals. 

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Job search

It's not just about Doctors and Nurses ...

Fiona McKechnie

Occupational Therapist

Chloe Sparrow

Arts Psychotherapist

Alexandra Skwarnecki-Cokeley, Local Authority Engagement Officer

Esyllt George, NHS Arts & Health Coordinator 


Can you give me your job title and a brief overview of your role? 

My title is Arts and Health Coordinator with Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board. In the role, I develop, initiate, deliver and coordinate arts and creative projects for health and wellbeing on behalf of the Health Board. 

What was your career journey/how did you get into this role? 

I worked in related roles, such as Dramatherapist, Community arts project manager and professional development and employability support and guidance adviser for HE students and graduates 

What’s the best thing and the most challenging thing about your job? 

The best thing is bringing together a range of people to discover creative ways of working together and develop creative projects which benefit health and wellbeing. 

Challenging thing is that there is so much potential of things to do it could take me 24 hours every day! 

What qualifications and work experience do you need? 

Interest and experience of any sort in the arts and creativity and impact this can have on wellbeing 

What is your top tip for students wanting to work in the field of mental health? 

Reflect on your interests in this work and motivation for working in this field. Talk to other people working in a range of roles in mental health. Then decide of best ways for you to gather experience. 

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