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Showcase Your Talent

Showcase Your Talent: Employers need diversity 

Everyone deserves equal opportunities to gain employment and to thrive in their career.  That includes YOU.  Discover your strengths and learn to create opportunities for you to showcase these to employers.  Your strengths may be different to other people’s but that’s ok.  In fact, it’s a great thing because employers need diversity to develop a strong and effective workforce.   

USW Careers brings you the inspiration, information and support to ensure employers see your talent first. 

“We need diversity” hear it from the employers

Hear from the employers about the value of diversity in the workplace.  We all bring our individual strengths to the workplace and they are all equally valued and important for building an effective team.   To hear more from employers, check out our webinar listings below.

We love these tips and advice about building the confidence to start your career journey 

We have prepared Top Tips - Managing your disability in work, click here to download a copy.

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Showcasing Our Talent

Looking for inspiration? Hear how USW students used work experience to discover their talents. Many USW students have been successful in showcasing their talent.  

Abbie used her skills to support a live drama performance with Hijinx Theatre 

Emily impressed The Wallich with her skills                                             

Samantha demonstrated her editing skills for SVC                                                        

USW Careers are here for you

We can help you find your career direction, you can get your CV checked, book a mock interview, explore your freelancing options, secure a placement, build your experience, develop your network, be employable and get inspired.

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Our website is the best place to start with lots of resources and signposting to all of our services. 


Appointments for USW students and graduates via Microsoft Teams (video) and via telephone. 

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The GO Wales Work Experience Programme is for students who are struggling to access work experience including volunteering.  Advisers provide one to one support to help you work through any problems you are experiencing with work experience, help you to increase confidence, and to source an opportunity that is relevant to your career plans.

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In addition to those forming part of the Showcase your Talent campaign, there are a range of webinars to improve your employability with the recruitment process. Employers may also host webinars to introduce themselves and provide information on the roles they have available.  You do not have to turn your camera on. 


Our career and skills development system. It is jam-packed with resources, tools and learning materials to help you understand yourself better and the options open to you, develop your skills, and present yourself well to employers – including great resources to help you create a fantastic LinkedIn profile. 


Jobs board where you can find all the latest opportunities posted by organisations both on a local and national level. 


Student Enterprise can help you explore ideas, start freelancing or start your own business.  We can help you every step of the way through one-to-one support and mentoring throughout the year.  We also offer a range of interactive events and workshops.