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PhD done, what next?

Those who've completed a Doctorate are finding more opportunities to work outside of academia than ever before, you will have developed a range of skills and abilities through your research, which many employers will find attractive.  This page will showcase the breadth of opportunities to use your PhD in the job market.  

"For instance, more than a quarter (29%) of PhD graduates work in science and pharmaceuticals. This has perhaps been helped by private sector companies becoming more research-orientated in recent years.

As well as the medical profession, research scientists can also specialise in life sciences, maths and physical sciences."

Webinar -Research Futures: Broadening Horizons and Exploring Career Options for Research Students

 26-May-2021 13:30 - 15:00 

USW Careers in association with the USW Graduate School and USW Alumni are pleased to invite you to an online showcase of opportunities and careers for students pursuing academic research at the postgraduate level.

A range of speakers from different sectors will provide an insight as to the skills and pathways that can open up for students with a strong research skillset.


Keynote Speaker Dr Tyra Oseng Rees

 Tyra Oseng-Rees.JPG

“From PhD to enterprise. What I wished I knew”

During a doctoral research investigation, Dr Oseng-Rees developed an innovative way of recycling glass bottles into decorative architectural and interior products. With a PhD background, she started the business Oseng-Rees Reflection in 2017 and set up her own studio the following year. Today her business is the only one in the UK that upcycling recycled glass bottles into an artisan sustainable material using 100%  waste. Projects delivered is main reception desk at the multi-million-pound development at University of Wales, the prestigious Research & Innovation trophies for Swansea University, exhibited at National Waterfront Museum 2019/2020, Award winner at Sustainable Academy Awards, Sustainable Business, 2019 and Finalist at Great British Entrepreneur Award: Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. 

This will be followed by a panel consisting of:

  • Dr Silvia Galandini, Domestic Lead at Oxfam

  • Dr Juli James, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Blue Prisms

  • Tom Calverley, Associate Project Manager, Simbec-Orion

Been inspired by Dr Tyra Oseng Rees?  

Do you want to freelance or start a business?

Student Enterprise can help you explore ideas, start freelancing or start your own business.  We can help you every step of the way; from a scribbled down idea to the launch of a business and beyond!

We offer one-to-one support and mentoring throughout the year, as well as a range of interactive events and workshops, giving you the knowledge, confidence and networks to start working for yourself.

The following resources will help you to use your PhD in the job market.  They cover career planning, professional development and job hunting.

  • Vitae Researchers Portal* – specialist site dedicated to researchers professional and career development.
  •* – researchers careers – includes destinations and career paths of PhD graduates, advice for those pursing an academic career, careers outside of academia and applying for academic jobs.
  •* – Career planning for PHDs e-book.
  • Prospects – Your PhD What Next?*  – an essential career planning and job hunting guide for those embarking on, or holding a PhD qualification.  This link includes information on professional development opportunities, research councils and job search websites.
  • FindAPHd* – only dedicated PhD web site in Europe.  With funded PhD studentships and opportunities for self-financed students to study at some of the world’s top research universities.
  • – offer an annual £5,000 PhD scholarship plus a number of smaller awards in any subject.
  • Discover Business Online Guide to MBA and Graduate Programs* – this guide is to help prospective students make more informed decisions when selecting a graduate program. 

Looking for inspiration? Hear how USW students used work their research

"Working as a haemophilia research nurse opened my eyes to the benefits of research for people living with genetic disorders. I remember one of patients saying they felt ‘almost cured’ when a clinical trial reduced their number of bleeds, and lengthy trips to hospital for painful infusions. I realised what a difference it made, not just clinically to their health but to their quality of life. Read more.

Cognitive decline and dementia have emerged as one of the greatest health threats of the 21st century. Tom Calverly, a PhD research student at USW, is examining the efficacy of physical activity as a countermeasure to cognitive decline. 

His research shows that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can not only improve cerebrovascular function but can also improve cognitive function such as memory.  Read more.

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