Daniel Ball, Developer of Ecological and Low Energy Housing, LivEco

Daniel Ball worked in Finance in London before moving into the Construction Sector and back to his ‘green roots’ in Wales. 

Having been converted from standard construction to sustainable technologies he is now an avid supporter of greener builds and passionate about providing better designed homes at affordable prices. Being a SME residential developer he is a vocal supporter of the ‘small sector’ and for the need for varied and quality bespoke architecture in our living environment. He feels that new home buyers are forced to accept sub standard design and build quality when buying their homes from large developers as they are not able to see what can be offered by smaller companies at affordable prices – good quality architecture is not only for multi million pound properties on Grand Designs! He has tried to prove this concept at Great House Farm in Cardiff, an award winning scheme where homebuyers enjoy low fuel bills and well being in one happy place!