Worried about Assessment Centres? Don’t be worried, be prepared!

Recruiters commonly use assessment centres as part of their selection process. They find them a good way of seeing candidates demonstrating their “competencies” (skills) and so are a great way for people to stand out.

Sounds easy doesn’t it! Well lots of candidates often struggle to give the best impression of themselves as they haven’t done their preparation and don’t know what to expect, or what the selectors are looking for.

From the morning welcome coffee to the end-of-day Q&A you’ll have eyes watching over you, assessing your skills and behaviours. There’s a real technique to navigating the group exercises, so the more you learn now the better.

The resources in MyCareer walk you through the full assessment centre process, include videos of employers revealing their assessment methods and gives you the chance to test your knowledge.

🖱 Assessment Centre Tool

🖱 How to Prepare for an Assessment Centre

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