Opportunities for autistic students


USW Careers celebrates: 
World Autism Acceptance Week 27th March – 2nd April
World Autism Awareness Day 2nd April

We are supporting World Autism Acceptance Week and World Autism Awareness Day and have brought together some opportunities for autistic students to celebrate their strengths and develop career confidence.

Civil Service internship opportunity for autistic young people

The Civil Service value diversity in their workforce and recognise the strengths of autistic employees. So, they are offering 100 internships to autistic young people who want to bring innovative solutions to societal issues. Find out more about the internships and how to apply here: https://bit.ly/ambitiousaboutautism 

Apply by Monday 3rd April.

If you would like some help from us to apply, contact us as soon as possible by emailing: [email protected] or completing our contact me form: https://bit.ly/uswcareersplus

Employability Coaching and work experience

We celebrate the fantastic skills and strengths that autistic people bring to the workplace. We challenge the assumptions held by employers about what autistic employees cannot do. We ensure reasonable adjustments for autistic people are in place so that there are no barriers to achieving potential and maximising strengths.

If you are an autistic student and would like support to build your confidence to prepare for or to access work now or in the future, get in touch with our Employability Coaches by emailing: [email protected] or completing our contact me form: https://bit.ly/uswcareersplus. We can also help you to gain work experience.

Employability skills online course 

Try this online course if you are an autistic student or graduate and interested in developing your employability skills. You can complete it in your own time. It will help you to consider your strengths and needs as an autistic person, think about reasonable adjustments you may need, enhance your ability to find and secure a job that is right for you and to reflect on your learning. The course has been developed by a team of experts, including autistic graduates and work mentors - https://bit.ly/udemyemployability