Get work experience without leaving your laptop!


USW Placements have been busy working with our employer partners to build a range of “Virtual Experience Programmes” (VEPs).   VEPs can be completed remotely from the comfort of your own laptop and typically include a short industry challenge project or a series of simple exercises that provide an insight into a particular role within an organisation.  

Our first VEPs are available now for USW students and graduates to access via the ‘Programmes’ section on CareersConnect.  We also have a number of other VEPs in development which will be added shortly. 

VEPs currently available: 

Green Element 

Students from any degree background with an interest in sustainability will enjoy this VEP focussed on carbon foot printing. 


This VEP with a company providing regulatory support for food and feed ingredients will interest students interested in the food industry. 

GIG Cymru 

A Welsh Language VEP with NHS Wales that will interest students who would like to consider using their Welsh Language skills in the workplace. 

Tim Ashwin Consulting

This VEP will be of interest to students interested in business and project management and provides insight into key concepts that underpin public sector business cases. 


This VEP will be of most interest to science and business students interested in the pharmaceutical industry supply chain.  (The process of taking new drugs to market). 

Llusern Scientific

In this VEP you will research, analyse and evaluate current UTI testing and then develop your own target product profile.   This will be of interest to science students.