Developing your resilience can make you more successful in your career


Developing resilience is an important factor in building a successful career. 

Finding ways to strengthen your resolve and develop your resilience help you to navigate the ups and downs of your studies, work and home life.  

The online resources in MyCareer are helpful in understanding stress-triggers, and how to mitigate their impact.  Get advice on how to cope with pressure, become more optimistic and confident.  Discover how to develop your innate ability to adapt to stress and bounce back from adversity. 

There are lots of tools, assessments, eLearning and videos to help you get started: 

Resilience Explained Video 

Resilience Assessment  

Career Well-Being 

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Get the GradEdge – enhance your employability with the GradEdge Award   

Grad Edge will enable you to explore, identify and develop the soft skills that employers value. The award will help you to gain insight into your USW grad attributes, shed some light on options after graduation and support you to showcase those skills that you have through some tools such as CV checker and Interview top tips. Completing the Award can demonstrate to employers, your commitment to continuous professional development and enhancing your employability skills. 

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