Do you need extra support in gaining work experience?


Are you aged under 25, in full-time education and have the legal right to live in the UK?

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  • Do you need support with travel or childcare costs to carry out work experience?
  • Do you suffer from a mental/physical health condition? 
  • Do you have a disability or work-limiting health condition?*
  • Do you have childcare/care responsibilities?
  • Were you in care before you came to University?
  • Are you from a black or minority ethnic group?
  • Are you from a low HE participation neighbourhood?

(*a disability could include, for example: a mental health issue such as anxiety - diagnosed or undiagnosed, physical disability, learning disability such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, an ASD or ADHD)

About GO Wales

GO Wales: Achieve through Work Experience is aimed at young students who have faced barriers in accessing higher education or work experience and are most at risk of not securing employment, education or training when leaving their higher education course.

How we can help

One to one support from a mentor

  • We will support your specific needs to find suitable work experience.
  • We will find work experience around your academic year e.g. assignment deadlines

Find opportunities at your own pace at a time to suit you

  • We will find an employer that understands your particular needs
  • We will meet the employer with you to discuss the opportunity before it commences
  • We will support you during the work experience opportunity

Career support

  • We will support the development of a graduate level CV
  • We will support job applications including mock interviews and advice.

Eligibility for GO Wales

Information on eligibility for the GO Wales Achieve through Work Experience are available here.

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