Are you looking after you?


We all know eating healthy and exercise is good for us, but are you guilty of neglecting the most complex organ in our body – our brain?

Everyone has mental health – we all need to take care of ourselves.   Looking after yourself will help you to improve your general wellbeing, manage and prevent poor mental health, such as stress and anxiety, when things get tough.  Poor mental health affects one in four people.  What are mental health problems?

Following the Five Ways to Wellbeing is a simple way to keep your mental health in check. By making a commitment to your learning, you are well on your way already.  At USW, we care, so come and join us to have fun finding out more about the Five Ways to Wellbeing , together.

Wednesday 9 October - Atrium Street - 12-2

Thursday 10 October - Treforest Careers Centre - 12-2

Friday 11 October - Glyntaff LG Canteen - 12-1


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