GO Wales supports University Mental Health Day

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Whether or not you have a mental health condition, you should have the opportunity to perform at your best in the recruitment and selection process and feel that the working environment is positive, supportive and enables you to thrive.   

On 3rd March 2022, University Mental Health Day, we want to remind you that we are here for you if you need extra help to overcome your worries about getting a job and managing work now, or when you graduate.  Getting work experience is a great first step to preparing for this and can really help to build resilience and confidence as well as skills and relationships in the career area you are interested in.  We can source flexible work experience with supportive employers and help you to prepare, manage and to make the most of your experience. 

If you or a friend would benefit from this extra help, contact us to find out if you are eligible [email protected]

You can find out more about the importance of diversity in the workplace and showcasing your talent to employers here  

Or, check out our Get Ahead with GO Wales virtual programme of bespoke workshops and online activities to help you develop your confidence and skills. 

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