Celebrating our Graduate Entrepreneurs - Huw Williams ☕


For Global Entrepreneurship Week, we are celebrating USW graduate entrepreneurs near and far. Huw Williams set up Big Dog Coffee with his sister, Hannah, and they are independent coffee roasters based in Ebbw Vale, South Wales.


Huw graduated with an MBA from the University of South Wales. Together with his sister Hannah, and the boss black Labrador, Clyde, they are the founders, roasters, and everything in between of Big Dog Coffee.

Big Dog Coffee's mission is to conserve the environment, provide sustainable economic development and reduce the planet's carbon footprint. Their work goes beyond an impeccable cup of coffee - Huw aims to make Big Dog Coffee the first B-Corp in Blaenau Gwent, investing substantially in the social and environmental facets of the community.


Their roastery is located on the historical site of the Ebbw Vale steelworks, built upon a producer-based philosophy. Huw and Hannah are committing to continuously acknowledge and communicate the story of the farmer, the journey of their beans, and the producer's purpose to communities. This also provides complete insight for them to understand how their specialty coffee should be cared for during the roasting process.

"Roasting is a craft of fine margins, a farmer's hard work may be quickly undone if the roasting process is executed without care and accuracy. With this in mind, we strive for excellence and continuous improvement to ensure the quality of our coffee is superior."

Check out Big Dog Coffee's website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and support what they do!


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