Celebrating our Graduate Entrepreneurs - Gaby Di Salvo! 🎨


For Global Entrepreneurship Week, we are celebrating USW graduate entrepreneurs near and far. Here we have Gaby Di Salvo, Founder of Grow Up Gaby, bringing us on a journey with her positive gift shop!

Gaby studied Creative and Therapeutic Arts at Treforest campus, and was going through a hard time with her mental health. She couldn't find any products that helped, so she created products such as affirmation mugs, positive coasters and journaling notepads and listed them on Etsy.


"I put these products up - I actually didn't think that I would sell even one, but a year later, I've sold nearly 3,500 mugs. It's still a little bit of a shock to me because I literally went for it and made such a small step in starting on my business journey and it just took off so well."

Running a business with mental health challenges is at times quite hard, but Gaby says it has a significant positive effect as well. "I'm building up confidence, challenging myself, pushing my boundaries, getting out of my comfort zone and it my self-esteem has really improved since I have a business." 

Fast forward to the future, Gaby had the opportunity to speak to Prince Charles and talk about her business!

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Gaby participated in the USW Freelance Academy back in 2019, and from that experience was able to meet new business owners and network with them. She also was successful in obtaining funding to help her invest and build her business.

"I went to the Freelance Academy and honestly it’s one of the best times I’ve ever had. The sessions literally cover everything and I’m really bad at knowing finances and tax, but they literally cover all of your weaknesses. I would advise any student to go to Freelance Academy if they wanted to set up a business. That’s how my business started and I don’t think I’d be here now without their support."

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