Are you looking for a promotional video/film to be created for your organisation?

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“Film is the most immediate and compelling way to communicate with an audience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand, broadcaster, or business. Its premium content. But to work, it can’t just be creative. It has to be effective too. It has to grab people’s attention and provoke a response.”    

At the University of South Wales, our second year BA Film students are looking to collaborate closely with small businesses, charities, social enterprises and other workplaces, to produce effective content that’ll help bring your brand, business, service(s) or important story to life!   We’re keen to hear from organisations on a mission to get their message out there.  In return, you get to work with passionate young talent on a mutually agreed creative project brief from pre-production (February) right through to delivery (post-Easter).

If this is of interest to your organisation, please follow the link below and complete the online ‘Commissioned Brief Submission’ form:

Click here to complete the Commissioned Brief Submission form

Submission end date: 7 November 2022

Those shortlisted will be invited to come along to our ‘Meet the Client’ day at the Atrium (Cardiff) on Friday 20 January 2023.

Here, you will get the chance to discuss your requirements with several student crews and brainstorm a few early film ideas.   Thereafter, and following feedback from both parties, we match-make the best business with (in their love-struck eyes!) the most compatible student partner/group.  Due to student numbers, we cannot always guarantee that every project will be commissioned and filmed.

The successful organisations will work closely with our students and must be available for 1-3 days of filming between February-April 2023 – and available to feedback on edits.  The films will need to be completed by mid/late April 2023.

If you’re able to provide a film budget, that would be great!  It does make a difference.  Otherwise, paid expenses are appreciated by our students.

Below is an example of a film that has previously been created by one of the student films crew for their ‘Collaborative Project’:

USW students create emotional film highlighting importance of lifesaving CPR