World Mental Health Day 10th October 2020

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Whilst students at USW have access to information and services to support their mental health, billions of people across the world do not.  The coronavirus pandemic has led to a deterioration of mental health in so many people worldwide and has highlighted the need for improved access to mental health support services.  

GO Wales is an employability Programme that supports students, who are worried about their mental health, to access work experience.  Our GO Wales team here at USW are supporting World Mental Health Day.  This year, there is a global movement calling for greater investment in mental health so if this is an issue close to your heart. Get involved!  Everyone, everywhere needs someone to turn to. 

11th October – 12th October: Mental Health Careers 

If you are passionate about supporting people who are living with mental health challenges and are considering a career in this area, we have just the thing for you! We will be showcasing a range of roles within the field of mental health.  Follow USW Careers to find out more.

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GO Wales support students who are worried about how their mental health is affecting, or might affect, employment.

If you feel you may benefit from one to one practical help to gain work experience to develop your cv and to build confidence in securing and completing work experience, you can: 

Coffee & Chat with GO Wales Advisers 

21st October - 11am – 12pm  

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22nd October - 2pm – 3pm 

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If you’ve been following the World Mental Health Day campaign around access to mental health support, you’ll know there is a lot to think about!  If it has left you feeling inspired, you may even be considering a career in this interesting and rewarding area of work.  Why not start your research here with our series of interviews with people working in different mental health roles.

Did you know that you can become an Occupational Therapist with any degree? After completing a degree in History & African studies, Fiona became an Occupational Therapist and specialises in Mindfulness practice

If you are interested in working in mental health, the third sector has so much to offer.  GO Wales Adviser, Amy, spoke to Health & Wellbeing Facilitators, Chrissie and Yasmine about their roles

Last up, find out about what Valleys Steps Wellbeing Practitioners Charlotte and Sue do and what advice they have to give you about working in the field of mental health 

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