Want to be winning at life? Win with work experience!

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They say the early bird catches the worm.  When it comes to getting a graduate job, work experience wins the day and the earlier you start, the better.  

Here are five reasons why:

  1. Beating the competition – hundreds of students are looking for work experience between October and March for their course placements.  If you have some free time between March and September, there will be more choice and less competition.  You win!
  2. Building contacts and networks – it’s all about who you know.  If you start getting to know employers now, there could be lots of benefits, either when it comes to finding a placement later or even when getting a job when you graduate.  Either way – You win!
  3. Making career decisions – the sooner you get relevant work experience, the sooner you can be sure you are following the right career path.  Simple. You win !
  4. Developing a winning CV – the stronger the career relevant experience on your CV, the better able you are to showcase the industry knowledge, skills and qualities an employer is looking for.  You stand out.  You win! 
  5. Making the most of your summer – what better way to make the most of that long summer... lets face it, there is plenty of time to fit it in and enjoy the sunshine.  If you have struggled to manage your work load all year, summer work experience is a great way of ensuring you don’t miss out.  Sun and work experience, what’s not to like.  You win! 

And … just so you know – you may be entitled to extra support with work experience from a GO Wales Employability Adviser and we are here all year round … Another win for you !!!!!! Click here to see if you are eligible for GO Wales


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