South Wales Police are visiting USW to give you a sneaky preview of opportunities they’ll be releasing soon

South Wales Police promo.jpg

Are you interested in a career in the police?
If you are then this is your chance to meet South Wales Police who will soon be releasing opportunities, and they are visiting USW to give you a heads up before they launch.

What opportunities will be available at South Wales Police?
They are going to open their Police Officer and Special Constable Recruitment quite soon.  They are also about to launch an exciting new Fast Track Detective Scheme, but don’t tell anyone as its top secret!!

I’m interested, when can I meet them?
They have booked in to deliver a webinar on two dates, where they’ll give a short talk about their opportunities and answer any questions you may have.  Book your place now:

Mon 16 Nov, 12pm – 1pm – click here to book

Tues 17 Nov 4pm – 5pm - click here to book

Who should attend?
These webinars are open to anybody who is interested in a career at South Wales Police.  As an organisation SWP are committed to becoming more diverse and as such encourage anyone from a BAME background or anyone who has second language other than Welsh to attend these sessions.