So, you need to find a placement?

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You have just learnt that you will have to find a placement for your second year module – well, depending on how you look at it, this could be conjuring up all manner of thoughts and feelings:

A.    Yippee! maybe you just can’t wait.  What a great opportunity, a chance to do something different, try something out, apply your knowledge and develop new skills.  Something amazing to put on your CV!

B.    Is there an alternative? perhaps you can see the value of work experience and you know it is important but know you are likely to find this more challenging than most.  Maybe you have a physical, social/communication or learning disability, depression or anxiety, a lack of confidence, health condition, childcare commitments or have had a previous negative experience at work such as discrimination.  There is always support available through USW Careers and the placements team but did you know that if you are feeling like this, you are under 25 and studying full time, you may be eligible for the support of a specialist Employability Adviser as part of the GO Wales Programme.  To find out more,  click here or email GO Wales

C.    Somewhere in between?  It’s natural to feel both excited and a bit anxious about work experience and to feel unsure about where to start.  Our advice is to start early so that you can get the most out of it and have a bigger window in which to complete your assignment.  If you need some guidance, check out the information on the careers and employability pages or contact the USW Placements team.


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