Remote working is here to stay, do you need to brush up on your skills?

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The Covid-19 crisis has changed the way most people are working right now with a rapid shift to remote working.  Before then many people worked remotely but this was generally confined to certain industries such as the creative sector, and freelancers.

Employers have been pleasantly surprised at how well staff have adapted to remote working, the tech works brilliantly and people are as productive as they were when office based – quite often more productive.  So one thing that’s for sure is that no matter what happens with Covid-19, and how socially distanced we do or don’t need to be in the future, remote working is here to stay!

As I write this article, and as somebody who loves working in an office with other people, I have to say that there are many benefits to remote working (even at least part of the week).  My commute to work was a breeze, I got an extra half an hour in bed and I didn’t need to burn any fossil fuels to get here!

So the world of work has changed forever and remote working will be a part of most people’s working lives, but do you need to brush up on your skills to be an effective remote worker?

Don’t worry if you do as we have some great resources in MyCareer to help you out starting with some fantastic articles in the Working Remotely learning pathway.  As well as tips on how to work effectively remotely there is also great advice on how to stay productive, on managing virtual meetings and keeping a work-life balance.

Working remotely can be tough and the Career Wellbeing programme in MyCareer offers some great tools to help you cope, including how to develop resilience.

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