‘Kick Start your Career’ Employability Webinars

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Whether you are looking for some PT work, a Summer Placement or Graduate Job this set of employability webinar sessions can help you to get your best version of yourself in front of employers whether that’s on paper, in person or online.

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What can you do during the downturn to prepare for the upturn - MyCareer!

GradEdge Award

Find out about how you can enhance your employability skills, develop the USW Graduate attributes and get Career Ready with the Grad Edge Award.

CV Writing

If you are looking for a PT job, Summer Placement or getting ready to apply for Graduate Jobs this CV webinar is for you

Creative CVs - Getting Creative with your Cvs

For certain sectors you'll need something more creative than a word document as a calling card. This session will explore CVs for Creative roles.

How to Write Cover Letters

So you’ve perfected your CV, now you need a cracking cover letter to accompany it, but what is a Cover Letter and what do you need to include in it? 

How to succeed at Writing Applications

Some employers use application forms as part of the recruitment process, find out all about application forms and how to use the STAR technique to focus your answers.

Getting started with LinkedIn

So you’ve heard about LinkedIn but what’s it all about, and how do you get started. 

Maximising your LinkedIn Profile

So you’ve developed a LinkedIn profile, but what else can LinkedIn do?

The Secret to succeeding at Interviews

If you are applying for jobs, or have an interview coming up, Get some top tips from this webinar

Virtual Networking - How to make the most of online networking opportunities

With a social distancing putting a stop to many face to face networking opportunities could now be the time to explore virtual networking opportunities?

How to Prepare for an Assessment Centre

If you have an assessment centre coming up or would just like to get ahead of the game in terms of what an assessment centre is and how you can prepare for them, then this webinar is for you!









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