Careers Newsletter #7

Below are a few things we would like to tell you about this week...

Forage is an online resource, which offers virtual experience programmes designed by leading companies. All experiences are completely free of charge for students and graduates from the University of South Wales. Get work experience with a top employer without leaving your laptop!  read more

This week, we have 1431 opportunities in Careersconnect.   Check out: First Campus Mentor Programme, USW. Deadline: 27/11/2020 

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Future Female Engineers  -  16-Nov-2020

Work In Publishing Week  - 16-Nov-2020 to 20-Nov-2020

Employer Webinar - South Wales Police | Gweminar Cyflogwr - South Wales Police - 16-Nov-2020

Applying For A Career In The Government Statistical Service -  16-Nov-2020

Diversity & Inclusion Week - 16-Nov-2020 - 20-Nov-2020

Freelance & Start Up Masterclass | Dosbarth Meistr Llawrydd A Dechrau Busnes  -  17-Nov-2020

The Operational Research Society Careers Open Day - 17-Nov-2020

Getting Started With LinkedIn | Dechrau Arni Gyda LinkedIn   - 17-Nov-2020

Coding 101: How To Build Coding Skills   - 17-Nov-2020  

Employer Webinar - South Wales Police | Gweminar Cyflogwr - South Wales Police  - 17-Nov-2020

Entrepreneurship Explore Series - Vision | Archwilio (Gyfres) – Vision - 17-Nov-2020

Essential Careers Virtual Event - Are You Looking For A Career That Makes A Difference To Society? -  18-Nov-2020 - 19-Nov-2020

How To Write Cover Letters Workshop | Gweithdy Sut I Ysgrifennu Llythyr Eglurhaol - 18-Nov-2020

Level Up: Working In Tech 2020 - 18-Nov-2020

Mix Up & Pitch | Cymysgu A Brolio - 18-Nov-2020

Software Engineer Recruitment Event – ONS -  18-Nov-2020

Help Build Brands And Technologies At Mewburn Ellis - 19-Nov-2020

Publishing Master Class - 19-Nov-2020

Employer Virtual Stand - Mirus-Wales - Part-Time Jobs | Stondin Rhithwir Cyflogwr - Mirus-Wales - Swyddi Rhan Amser - 20-Nov-2020

Government And Policy Panel And Q&A - Unlocked Graduates And NGDP (The National Graduate Development Programme) - 20-Nov-2020

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