Meet the team

Faculty of Business and Society (FBS)

Business, Law, Accounting, Finance, Humanities and Social Sciences

Julie Gould – Work Placement Partner

Julia Rees – Work Placement Partner

Angela Lewis – Work Placement Partner

Lucy John – Work Placement Partner

Donna Freddi – Work Placement Partner

Careers Adviser: Alison Hoban

Go Wales Employability Adviser - Jonathan Arnold

Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI)

Music, Performance, Media, Art and Design

Glesni Ayres – Work Placement Partner 

Laura Dutton– Work Placement Partner 

Careers Adviser: David McCarthy

Go Wales Employability Adviser - Kim Blakey

Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science (CES)

Computing, Mathematics, Engineering and Applied Sciences

Karin Rees – Work Placement Partner 

Michael Saleh – Senior Work Placement Partner

Careers Adviser: Ruth Morgan

Go Wales Employability Advisers - Lise Jacobsen

and Natalie Lewis

Faculty of Life Science and Education (LSE)

Psychology and Therapeutic Studies, Health, Sport and Professional Practice, Care Sciences, Education, Early Years and Social Work

Gethyn Lewis – Work Placement Partner

Careers Adviser: Rhiannon Pugh

Go Wales Employability Adviser - Amy Williams

If you have any general work experience enquiries please contact USW Careers using CareersConnect to ask us a question.

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