International students

As a USW student, USW Careers provides you with a range of support both during your studies and after graduation.

Working and living in the UK

Here you will find a range of online resources which will help with work placements, experience, job search (in the UK and abroad) and researching employers as well as further information on visas and obtaining a national insurance number.

Work Placements and Experience

Benefits of work experience  

  • Developing your transferrable skills (e.g. communication, leadership)
  • Gives you the experience of working in an organisation within the UK (or one that’s different to your home country)
  • Gives you experience within your chosen career area
  • Grow your professional network
  • Increased employability

The culture within the UK may be very different from what you are used to, for information, visit:

Some other useful links:

Please Note:  

  • You must inform us of your Work Experience/Placement BEFORE YOU START 
  • Maximum hours of work is 40 hours per week 
  • The placement must be assessed and an integral part of your course 
  • You will need to complete worksheets whilst on placement, to be signed by your line manager  

Sandwich year fees 

Please visit USW's Student Money information for current fees:

Searching for a Placement in a country other than your home country 

  • You may need a VISA before you start the work experience/placement 
  • Ensure that you apply for these early as they can take some time 
  • The cost of these varies depending on the country you will be working in 
  • Contact the Immigration and International Student Advice team for further information and advice:

Jobs and Careers Choice

  • Find part-time jobs advertised via the USW Careers vacancy system, CareersConnect
  • USW Careers organise the part-time jobs fairs in early October with local employers actively recruiting students for part-time roles. 
  • Employer events - Check out USW Careers events throughout the year for employers visiting the USW. 
  • Local job sites: Jobs in Wales* and Findajob Wales
  • Targeting employers directly - another approach is to target employers directly e.g. most large retailers will have a company website which includes a ‘careers’ or ‘jobs’ section e.g. Boots*.  Use this section of their website to search for part time or temporary jobs in their Cardiff or local stores. 
  • Smaller employers may not have this information included on their website so a more direct approach is often required.  Send out a targeted CV and cover letter illustrating your suitability. 
  • Talk to friends - do any of your friends have a part-time job?  They may know if their employer is looking for more staff.

Employment Regulations

To find out more about Employment regulations that affect international students please visit the USW Immigration & International Student Advice

Identifying UK employers who may offer opportunities for international students

  • USW Careers cannot produce a list of employers who will accept applications from international students and graduates but we do provide advice on possible ways of identifying and targeting such employers.
  • Some graduate jobs based in the UK are open to all suitably qualified applicants regardless of nationality. 
  • Other vacancies target specific groups of international students for work in overseas job markets.  In addition, some companies may want to recruit international students because they want to expand or develop their international trade links. 
  • The British Chambers of Commerce can often be a good source to help you identify such companies. 
  • Also look at the emerging market trends in your home country and identify UK employers who may have trade links, offices or branches in your home country or overseas.
  • Some UK employers are prepared to consider applications from international students and graduates especially if the work is in a shortage field as defined by the UK Government.  For more inforamtion visit USW Immigration & International Student Advice

UK language related jobs sites

If you are interested in using your language skills check out the following UK language related jobs sites:

Multi lingual vacancies*
1st 4 Jobs in London*
The Language Business*

Working abroad

Country profiles detailing the requirements to work in various countries around the world, looking at visa requirements, how to apply for positions and where to find vacancies -

Indeed* also has a global site where you can search for positions filtered by location

Explaining international qualifications to employers

Not all employers will understand how your qualifications compare to UK qualifications.  There is no official list of how UK grades or tariff points compare, however, you can get a general comparison of your qualification from the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the UK. Visit NARIC* for information on services and costs.  You can also contact them about qualification comparisons by telephone: +44 (0)871 330 7033

USW Immigration and International Student Advice service

Click here to access information from the USW Immigration and International Student Advice Service.

Access specialised advice on immigration law and visa requirements and restrictions, as well as advice on student welfare and living in the UK. 

Also find out more about social events and the USW Global Assistants project.

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