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USW Launch - Graduate Freelance & Business Start-up Accelerator

USW Springboard +Plus: Graduate Support Programme & Student Enterprise are offering a limited number of places to recent USW graduates with a great business idea!

  • 16 week programme
  • £5,000 funding paid as a salary replacement
  • Monthly business coaching and mentoring

You can also get in touch with our Startup Stiwdio, which is USW's dedicated incubation space and programmes, designed to help develop and grow new business ideas.

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Case Studies:


"Completely changed my view of business from just something that I do on the side, to something I genuinely have belief in now."


"LAUNCH has given me the financial stability to have the time and space to invest into my business."


"The mentors we have here are really supportive and my mindset as an entrepreneur is more driven and positive."

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"I didn't know how to set myself up as a business, and the support offered by LAUNCH seemed perfect for me."


"Its a lot of work but working for myself has been amazing. I have the freedom to choose when and how I work."