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Springboard Graduate Internships

Meet the Graduate Interns

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"A good opportunity to gain experience in the UK soon after graduating."

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"I was eager to have some form of UK experience before I go to my home country".

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"I found the job description very exciting as it was focused on spreading awareness about Cyber Security and facilitating students from different backgrounds to pursue Cyber Security as a career."

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"Advance career prospects and real life experiences."

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"Producing digital content for researchers and academics."

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"I am looking forward to gaining more experience working with professionals and academics within both health and well-being and crime security and justice."

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"I want to develop my analytical skills, communication skills, management, marketing skills by doing this internship."


"My role involves carrying out specific projects to promote a more inclusive environment for staff and students."

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"I applied for the Springboard Internship scheme because it is an opportunity to hone my skills in the area of media."

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"Great quality of work and self-development."

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"Supporting different ongoing projects that relates to the USW 2030 Strategy."