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Graduate Outcomes Survey

What is the Graduate Outcomes survey?

15 months after you finish your studies at USW you'll have the opportunity to share your views through the Graduate Outcomes Survey.

Why should I do it?

  • To shout out about your success!
  • To make a real difference to the standing of your course and to add real value and insight into the opportunities that your course provides.
  • To provide information that inspires, impacts and influences future students on their course decisions.
  • To help USW to continually evolve and shape its courses - so that we are serving students in a way that meets their needs and makes them employable.
  • To influence USW’s standing.

The Graduate Outcomes survey is a national survey capturing information about the activities and perspectives of graduates 15 months after they finish their studies. All graduates who completed a course after the 1st August 2017 will be asked to take part in the survey, in order to help the University evaluate and promote their courses.

The survey is also of national significance as it allows policy makers, charities, journalists, researchers and others to understand the higher education sector and the state of the graduate labour market.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) is coordinating the survey for all of the UK Higher Education providers. The administration of the survey is undertaken by a third-party survey contractor who works in collaboration with HESA and USW. You will receive an email from HESA on behalf of the University of South Wales inviting you to complete the survey online. As an example, graduates will receive an email from: [email protected]. You may also receive SMS messages from "GradOutcome" and calls so you can be helped to complete the survey over the phone.

Your contact information will only be used by HESA to send you the survey. It is not compulsory to complete the survey. When you are contacted by HESA, you will be able to opt out and you will not be contacted again. You can only opt-out of the Graduate Outcomes Survey through HESA here

We are required to share your contact information with HESA for the purposes of conducting the Graduate Outcomes Survey. This was explained to you during enrolment and registration.

For more information please visit the Higher Education Statistics Agency’s (HESA) webpages https://www.graduateoutcomes.ac.uk/ and https://www.hesa.ac.uk/innovation/outcomes/students

The data from Graduate Outcomes will be used within the University by staff and for the purposes outlined below.

The data from Graduate Outcomes will be used in an anonymised form to produce statistical reports. Your record will not be used in a way that would affect you individually and precautions are taken to minimise the risk of identification of individuals from these reports. These reports will be used by the University to monitor the progression of its students and evaluate the relevance of courses in relation to the needs of the labour market.

Anonymised information may be used in University publications, such as the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prospectus, publicity materials produced by the University or on official University web page(s). It will also be made available to individuals or organisations who have an interest in the destinations of our graduates, ie current & prospective students of the University who wish to find out about what occupations certain courses may lead to, and employers of graduates who wish to target their recruitment activities on specific courses.

Data you make available will be used to update your University graduate record and will be managed by the Alumni Relations & Development Office and in accordance with their Privacy Notice

The uses that the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) makes of your survey responses are described in detail here

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Make sure your contact details are up to date.

For further details on how we process your data and to view our Privacy Notice please visit: https://bit.ly/USWAlumniPrivacyPolicy