Health & Safety guidance

During the first few days at a new organisation, you should receive an induction covering your employers Health and Safety policies, amongst other regulations in the workplace.

These policies and procedures will cover a wide scope of areas providing information on who to contact if you are too ill to attend work, how to report an accident in the workplace and what you may or may not do in the workplace environment.

If your work placement is part of your course as an assessed module then you will need to confirm your placement host details to the Work Placement Team via the placement details form BEFORE you attend your placement. As a USW student, you will need to familiarise yourself with the USW Student Health and safety guidance. 

Health and Safety procedure for Assessed Work Placements

There is a three-part process that all students must follow:

Step 1:

You will submit a placement details form that will explain where and when you are going on placement to your Work Placement Partner.

Step 2:

From this information, your Work Placement Partner will be able to send firstly, a Health and Safety general form (if the employer is new or hasn’t been used within 3 years). This gathers information such as the employer liability insurance and risk assessment information. Secondly, the Health and Safety specific form will be sent, which details your information as a placement student.

Step 3:

You will receive a Health and Safety briefing and copy of the guidelines.

Step 4:

The placement is then approved by your Work Placement Partner and sometimes academic approval is required to check the suitability of the placement. 

Step 5:

Contact and support is maintained by academic staff and Work Placement Partner.

Step 6:

If any Health and Safety issues come up, they should be reported to your employer as the first step and then your work Placement Partner or academic staff should be notified. 

Step 7:

You will need to submit feedback about your placement to your Work Placement Partner.