During your Sandwich/Industrial

  • You may need to transfer onto the 4 year course. Speak to the Advice Zone for guidance
  • Ensure you have spoken to the Student Money Team in advance, so that you are clear on the fees for the year, and what student finance you will be eligible to receive

You are still a student of the University during your sandwich year and will be supported throughout

  • You will need to check your university email regularly for messages
  • You will be supported by your academic staff for the duration, who will undertake visits (or Call via Microsoft Office Team if placement is abroad or further afield)
  • You will receive your module handbook and assessment details from your academic staff contact
  • You will need to adhere to the organisation’s Health and Safety regulations
  • You may be dealing with confidential information, ensure you follow the guidelines. If in doubt, ask!
  • You will be supported throughout by the Placement Team

  • Network, get to know your new colleagues
  • LinkedIn. Take the opportunity to connect with colleagues within the organisation
  • Try to take every opportunity to get involved in office social events if you can
  • Talk to colleagues, ask about the industry and how they got to where they are!

  •  Keep a record of what tasks you undertake on placement and the skills you are learning
  • Use this information to update your CV
  • You are likely to also need this information for your assessment
  • Ensure you ask what information you can include in your assessment as some may be confidential

Your Visiting Tutor will visit you at your place of work a minimum of twice during your placement. Note that for international placements it may be necessary to consider alternative arrangements such as video conferencing.  

During the visit your Visiting Tutor will discuss any issues you may have, advise you on how to make the best of your placement, meet with your Workplace Supervisor and provide advice on your assessment.  

Between visits, your SWE Co-ordinator / Visiting Tutor will be available via phone / email to assist you as required.  

Your Visiting Tutor will complete the Visiting Industrial Placement Tutor’s Report following the visit and return a copy to you.  

Most placements are very successful and no problems arise, however, on rare occasions there may be some difficulties on placement.  

If you are unable to address it internally, or if you require support, the first port of call would be your Academic Tutor or the Placement Team

Don’t turn to social media to vent your frustration or criticise the organisation or supervisor. 

Usually these issues are easily rectified, and we can support and guide you.