Experience your future

The importance of undertaking a period of work experience if you are a student is growing year-on-year and now is a compulsory element of most courses. 

Employers want to recruit graduates who have some knowledge of the working world and there is a strong link between having work experience and getting a graduate level job.

A period of work experience can provide you with that important insight into a particular job or sector, help expand your network and develop your business skills.

Stand out from the crowd – if you have relevant work experience, you’ll really have the edge over other graduates.

Meet people – you’ll meet lots of new people, develop essential professional contacts and build your confidence in the workplace.

Put knowledge into practice – you’ll use the theory you’ve learnt during your degree and see how the skills you’ve gained relate to the workplace.

Earn some cash – more likely in longer work experience.

Gain academic credits – depending on your programme of study, your placement may enable you to gain academic credits towards your degree.

Enhance your final year grades – using the skills and experience gained from your work experience, you’re likely to improve your final year grades.