Freelancers Academy

Freelancers Academy - What's it all about?

If you have an idea and are ready to take it forward, the Freelancers Academy focuses on giving you the skills, knowledge and network to make your idea happen.  During the intensive 5 days you will learn the practical aspects of starting a business (including marketing and finance) as well as developing skills such as pitching and networking.

The workshops will be led by business experts and supported by guest entrepreneurs sharing their stories and tips for success throughout the week.  The week will cover all the basics of business plans, marketing, networking and getting yourself out there, the week is designed to help entrepreneurial students and graduates move into the world of self-employment.

Mentoring will be available to all participants and the week will culminate in the chance to pitch for a share of £3,000 cash.


Do I need to attend all sessions? It is expected that you will be able to attend all sessions.  If there are times that you are unable to attend please include it in your application form.

Is there a cost attached?  The Academy is free to attend.  If you are shortlisted for a place, you will be asked to pay a £25 deposit to secure your place that will be refunded back into your bank account at the end of the academy.

Are Refreshments provided?  Tea, coffee and cold drinks will be available at the start of each day, a buffet lunch will be provided on the Monday lunchtime and hot fork two course buffet on the Friday.

The Academy is delivered by Student Enterprise, business mentors and experienced entrepreneurs and part funded by the Welsh Government.

*The competition is open to ALL University of South Wales students and Alumni of up to three years after graduation. 

"Thank you for a great week! This experience exceeded my expectations. I was hoping to get useful information about advertising, finance and paperwork - and I definitely did. But I got something more out of it - motivation and thrive to keep working towards my goals. Thank you for introducing those great speakers to us. It has been a really inspirational journey!" Kadri Otsiver, 1st Year Photography student