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Work Experience

Your organisation can benefit from the skills, knowledge and the unique perspectives our students and graduates have gained, through offering placements, projects and internship opportunities.  

  • Gain an enthusiastic student with initiative and knowledge who is keen and able to apply this in practice.   
  • Take forward a project or area of research to help the organisation overcome an issue or problem.   
  • Gain new ideas, a fresh perspective and a valuable asset in the workplace.   
  • Benefit from an extra pair of hands at peak times of the year, while acquiring early access to tomorrow’s talent from USW.   
  • Make a significant contribution to your talent sourcing strategy on a trial basis without the commitment.

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  • Sandwich Placement - up to 12 months duration, typically taken as the penultimate year of study.
  • Summer Placement - up to 3 months duration, that can be offered on a flexible basis.  
  • 10 Week Internship - Specific to the Business School undergraduate degree courses and mandatory in the second year of study. 
  • Short Placement - Typically 30-70 hours – integrated into undergraduate degree courses, typically offered as part of a work placement module in the second or third year of study. This could also include volunteering opportunities in the third sector.  
  • Live Brief/Virtual Placement - Negotiated pieces of work set by the employer, either undertaken on an individual or group basis.  
  • Tailored work experience for our students who may not be able to access the same opportunities as their peers