Equality & Diversity

We are committed to nurturing an inclusive environment where all our students and graduates can thrive and excel. Our student body reflects a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives who will offer unique insights and skills to your organisation. Explore how USW embeds Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) https://www.southwales.ac.uk/about/equality-diversity-and-inclusion/.

CareersPlus, our dedicated team funded by HEFCW, offers tailored support to students facing barriers to work experience and opportunities. We are keen to collaborate with employers to develop bespoke events and activities for USW Students and Graduates. For partnership opportunities, contact us at [email protected].

Advertise your opportunities on our free jobs board through CareersConnect.

Access student talent through work experience, placements and projects, bringing a fresh perspective to your organisation.

Develop and share your professional skills by inspiring your mentee, and empower students with personalised guidance for career success.

We can support you to build a talent pipeline through helping you to engage with our students and build relationships with our courses.

Partnering with us means embracing and championing EDI in your workplace. Whether you're just starting or enhancing existing practices, our team is here to guide you. Here are some resources to support our mission of providing equal opportunities for all:

Equal Opportunity Recruitment

Prioritise skills, qualifications, and potential over factors like race, gender, disability, or socio-economic background. Further information is available https://www.cipd.org/uk/topics/recruitment/.

Accessible Workplaces

Ensure inclusivity by offering reasonable adjustments. Discover more about becoming a Disability Confident Employer https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/disability-confident-campaign.

Recruiting International Students

Join us in celebrating our diverse international student community, enriching our campus and the wider community. Explore employment opportunities for international graduates with ease https://studentcircus.com/employers.

Tip: Stand out by welcoming applications from international students for graduate-level positions in your job adverts and descriptions.

Join us in embracing diversity and inclusion to unlock the full potential of your organisation!