University of South Wales

Joanna - BSc (Hons) Computer Applications Development

 IT Department at the University of South Wales - 70 hours placement

Why did you choose to do a placement; and why here? 

I always had an interest in Web Development and Graphic Design.  It was a goal of mine to work in an environment which will be dynamic and will allow me to express my creativity. As part of my course, it was mandatory to complete 70 voluntary hours in the IT department of a company. Thanks to the amazing Career Centre at the University of South Wales, a job opening for Redesign and Renewal of web pages at the university opened up. I applied for it which opened the opportunity to a full-time Summer Internship over this past summer.  This placement allowed me to learn a lot of hard and soft skills which I will continue using in my everyday life.


Describe, in simple terms, what you did on placement

I do not think there is a way to describe in simple terms what I did on my placement.  I did a lot, from graphic design to group training. What I loved most about this opportunity that every day was different.   I saw what it was like to work in a fast-paced environment.  I would come into work and a new challenge would be thrown at me. I always stayed uncomfortable which gave me the ability to grow professionally and personally.

What projects did you work on?

Over the past 8 months with my time at the IT department of the University of South Wales I worked on a lot of projects. I transferred multiple web sites for different departments to the new CMS system.  As well, I provided many ones on one and group training sessions for Wagtail. Designed many communication and marketing materials for various projects such as Office 365, Cyber Awareness Month, UniApps and many more.  I had the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of people throughout the  University. My amazing managers not only guided me but mentored me during my time with them. I had the chance to make the most of my summer internship and get involved as much as I wanted to.

What did you enjoy about it?

Absolutely everything. I love that my managers were my mentors and they allowed me to develop the skills that I wanted. I discovered so much qualities about myself in this placement. I learned what is like to work in a large organization and be part of a team. As well, meet client expectations and listen to their requirements. It was great to see how a project is developed and It felt good that my opinion mattered.

What were the highlights; any particular achievements you want to shout about? 

My biggest achievement from this placement has been the opportunities that have evolved from it.

How did you find about the placement and how did you apply?

I found my placement through the Job Vacancies section on Unilife. I applied for the position online.

Has the placement led to a job offer or anything else such as fees to be paid; a research opportunity?

Thanks to the 70 hours placement which was voluntary for my course, the IT department offered me a Summer Internship over the past summer. Now going into my 3rd year I am still employed with them. Hopefully, more opportunities will arise.