Talitha Young

(BA Illustration, 2022)

Name of Business: Teeleafa


Description of business/ freelance opportunity:

I'm a freelance illustrator who offers commissions and sells my art at markets and online. I'm also organising creative events like 'drink and draws' in Newport.

Why have you chosen to set up this business venture?

I want to be able to create and sell my artwork as a living. I also want to support other local businesses by providing commissions and hosting events.

How did you find out about the LAUNCH Accelerator Programme?

Through the Start-up Stiwdio.

Why did you apply for the LAUNCH Accelerator Programme?

I didn't know how to set up myself as a business, and the support offered by LAUNCH seemed perfect for me.

How has the LAUNCH Accelerator Programme helped you with your business venture?

It's helped me establish myself as a freelance illustrator and also improved my confidence in my business. It also pushed me to work harder and given me the support to focus on my business.

What challenges have you faced?

Mostly small setbacks like difficulty choosing insurance and problems motivating myself to complete the tasks I find difficult.

What support have you received that you have found beneficial?

All the advice I've received has been very helpful and has taught me a lot about running a business.

What advice do you have for final year students and fellow graduates?

I think more students need to be aware of the support and opportunities the university offers once you've graduated.

For more information, contact the Graduate Support Team on: [email protected]