South Wales Police

Why did you choose this organisation to do your placement and how did you find the opportunity?

I chose South Wales Police as it is where I would like to start my career once I qualify. I have had the opportunity to work in different departments which has allowed me to see the different aspects of policing.

What did you find most valuable about the work you undertook?

I was able to work as part of the police and was involved in different operations. The police opened a lot of opportunities for us to work with licencing, missing persons and neighbourhood policing etc. We were treated as part of the team.

What new skills and knowledge did you gain?

I have been able to strengthen various skills such as communication, empathy, initiative, team work and problem solving. I have now got a better understanding of how police operations work and how they work as a multi agency team. 

SWP Annalise

From left to right:

  • Chief Inspector Hannah Durham
  • Superintendent Karen Thomas
  • A USW Police Sciences Student and South Wales Police Student Volunteer
  • Police Constable Mike Perry
  • Annalise Parisi – USW Criminology and Criminal Justice Student and South Wales Police Student Volunteer

How will this placement help with your career?  

This has enabled me to get myself known within South Wales Police and I have received recognition for volunteering on a certain case. It has confirmed that I definitely want to work in this area and that there are specific departments that interest me most.

Please comment on the support you received from the University and/or your placement organisation? 

The support received from USW and the police has been great. USW supported me the whole way in starting my placement. The Placement Team understood that working for the police was my first choice and would not allow me to settle for anything less.  Having the experience from my placement will benefit me in my future career.