Robin Hannagan-Jones

(BA Media Production, 2022)

Name of Business: Fabled LTD


Description of business/ freelance opportunity:

Fabled LTD is a video production company that makes high quality video and photographic content for the hospitality industries digital marketing platforms.

Why have you chosen to set up this business venture?

I chose to set up this business venture because I wanted to utilise my previous hospitality experience, my creativity and my technical skill to create engaging and high-quality content for businesses within the hospitality sector. From there my goal is to expand our target market and grow in size where we can finance and produce high-end TV and film.

How did you find out about the LAUNCH Accelerator Programme?

I found out about the LAUNCH programme through a previous member - we work in the same incubator space, the Start-up Stiwdio in Cardiff and he let me know about LAUNCH and when they were accepting new applicants.

Why did you apply for the LAUNCH Accelerator Programme?

I applied for the LAUNCH programme primarily for the opportunity to receive direct mentorship from the USW Enterprise team, Business Wales and to have all of these resources at my disposal to help me start my business. The bursary is also very helpful especially as I have other financial commitments which do sometimes hinder my ability to focus solely on the start-up of my business.

How has the LAUNCH Accelerator Programme helped you with your business venture?

The LAUNCH accelerator programme has helped me to build a solid business model, conduct my market and competitor research and is now supporting me through product testing and networking. The mentors we have here are really supportive and my mindset as an entrepreneur is more driven and positive. I am now a couple of weeks away from launching my business and am attending several networking sessions in the next couple of weeks.

What challenges have you faced?

Challenges I have faced have included, building my social media offer making me realise what is really needed for a stronger social media offer has taken a little time as its not one of my strongest areas and I have had to make this a priority. Another challenge I have faced is being able to market my business, doing a creative filmmaking course has provided me with a lot of creative, narrative based showreels and portfolio, whereas what the business needs is to market and produce content tailored towards our chosen target industries. We are no in a product testing phase which will provide us with usable portfolio and marketing materials such as social media content and showreels.

What support have you received that you have found beneficial?

The mindset mentoring from Helen Corsi-Cadmore has been beneficial in helping me to stay focused and productive whilst also ensuring that I don't over work myself and get stressed. The support we have received from the Enterprise team has been invaluable in keeping me motivated and on mission. I don't think I could have gotten this far without this support.

What advice do you have for final year students and fellow graduates?

If you have an idea that you are passionate about then talk to the Enterprise team. They will talk it through with you and ask the right questions that will help you take the next step and enable you to go from dreamer to entrepreneur.

For more information, contact the Graduate Support Team on: [email protected]