Naomi, Mattel

Naomi Smith, BA (Hons) Marketing

Mattel - Sandwich Placement

Final year BA (Hons) Marketing student, Naomi Smith, has returned from her sandwich year work placement with Mattel, where she undertook the position of Student Intern. 

Speaking about her placement Naomi said: 

 “For my work placement I worked at Mattel as a Student Intern for the Licencing department. My role involved co-ordinating adverts and competitions for magazines, conducting research, organising events, creating presentations for managers and general marketing support and admin duties. 

Naomi, Mattel

One of the most challenging projects I worked on was organising the UK Licensing Annual Summit, which I was responsible for organising from start to finish. I had to source a venue, work with design agencies, co-ordinate shipping, final delivery to the venue, and lastly oversee and manage the day. 

My work placement with Mattel was a key learning experience, both with regards to learning about an industry, how to work in a business environment and learning about myself in such a situation. I worked within a great team and also a great company. I was able to experience many different situations, including large trade events, managing summits, meeting licensees and working with a number of teams at any one time. At times the work could be stressful and I could be really busy, however I became very good at managing all my workload and relished each new challenge.  

Throughout my placement I have been able to enhance skills that I already have such as organisation and planning, however I have also acquired new skills such as event management and networking in a business environment. I feel that I have also been able to enhance my business acumen and put into practice some of the theory I have learnt throughout my first two years at the University of South Wales.  

My placement year has given me a good first step in terms of my career; I feel I have experience I can draw upon in applications and interviews, and in new jobs that I may face. This year’s work experience has also given me the edge over my fellow graduates in the job market.”