Matt, Wolfberry Cyber

Matt Jones, BSc (Hons) Computer Security

Wolfberry Cyber - Sandwich Placement

"There were many different highlights like becoming an IASME Assessor to getting promoted during my Internship. I also gained my CompTIA Security+ Certification which was funded by Wolfberry. I have also been told by Wolfberry that I am the finalist for the Security Excellence Awards Security Professional Under 30, which I was quite shocked to hear."

Matt, Wolfberry Cyber

I chose to do a placement as I wanted to get a real-world experience of the industry I was going into when I finished my degree. I also wanted to increase and learn new skills which are a part of the industry like working in a team or problem-solving. After getting into the final three applicants of all my interviews and still not getting an internship, I reached out to multiple companies to see if they had opportunities and to my luck Wolfberry did. Wolfberry was able to offer me the chance to learn and develop my skills while working.

When I started at Wolfberry in July of 2019, the company just onboarded our very first SOC client and it was up to me to help them through this new service. During the first couple of months I learnt about the new array of tools that I had to monitor this company and using this and the data which was being received  I created new dashboards that the client could understand and meet their criteria. It was then I also took on the role of vulnerability scanning for clients using our VIPER Technology. It was around January when Wolfberry’s Operations manager left the company and I volunteered to take on some of the duties like Office management. During this time, I then certified as an IASME Assessor to carry out Cyber Essentials and Iasme Governance Certifications and took over as the companies Assessor. After this, I was promoted to Viper technical Lead.

I worked on multiple projects like developing Wolfberry’s SOC to become more streamlined and easier to identify threats. Also, I worked on helping the CEO re-organise the companies documentation to meet an appending Audit.

From learning new skills to working with an incredible team. This opportunity has given the day-to-day skills to work in the cyber industry. I have enjoyed going into work everyday and learning something new; this is something I could have never done if I didn’t do a placement.

During my time, I have learnt so many different skills from using Linux to working in a team to help identify threats. I have learnt about all the different types of attack vectors and had the chance to try my hand at most of the different parts of the cyber industry from governance to the technical side of SOC and Vulnerability scanning.

From this Placement, I have understood what it takes to be in this industry and how much hard work and dedication it takes to succeed. I’ve learnt that you can’t just come into your day job and do just the bare minimum and in order to succeed and stand out you have to work at 100% all the time. This placement also helped my career as I’m still working for Wolfberry while studying in my final year.

Coming back to Uni, I feel like I have more confidence and knowledge to succeed in my final year and I will be using all this newly gained knowledge in my dissertation.

Working with Wolfberry has led to me staying on with company throughout my course and I’m currently fitting in my Uni work with Wolfberry as they gave me the chance to work and study.