Lucie, Peacocks

Lucie Isaacs, BA Fashion promotion

"As an individual who doesn’t know what career path to go down, this experience was vital for educating myself on careers that I may want to uptake in the future, and potentially some that I want to avoid. Peacocks was local to where I live, hence the perfect location to carry out the experience. It is an extremely well-known high street brand, so is perfect to learn about the high street and trends."


I chose to carry out a placement as I had never had any experience within a retail environment. Although the placement was predominantly for a university module, I had always wanted to carry out a form of internship within the industry, to gain knowledge directly within a head office environment.

I assisted both the shoe wear and accessories buyers within each department, helping both to prepare for the international and regional managers to explore the latest collections releasing for spring / summer. I worked with the photography department in creating flat lays of clothing for the website, alongside creating social media imagery for the Peacocks blog and Instagram pages. One of the images that I took of the shoes was featured on their Instagram and twitter feed, which is something I was extremely proud of.  I also learnt a wide range of industry terminology, and everyday tasks that buyers have to undertake. This involved a lot of areas that I had previously learnt throughput my university modules, for example trend reports, whilst also learning how to carry out critical path documents. 

I gained a variety of new skills from carrying out this work experience, one main skill being industry knowledge and terminology. At the work experience, receiving all of the new information was fairly overwhelming, but every evening when I arrived home, I would look through my notes, and was able to understand what I had been taught the previous day. It is extremely beneficial to understand the speed of which brands work, and the constant deadlines that they need to work to, whether that’s in the office itself or in the field of the high street. The placement will aid my future career highly, as I was able to acknowledge areas of interests, and others that I would not like to go into. 

I found the work placement through word of mouth but decided to give the head office a call myself to try and identify if there were any places left. I called them and was provided with an email address to contact the head of HR, and sent over my CV, portfolio and cover letter. By the end of the day I had been offered dates and sections for which department I would like to go into. It was an extremely easy process. 

Going back to university after the placement was a lot easier than expected, being only a day later after the placement had finished. I felt that my knowledge learnt within the work experience was vital for further understanding of my next modules, so this was definitely something that aided me highly.