Kira, Christian Louboutin

Kira Louise Golding, BA (Hons) Fashion Design

1st placement Hunter Boots* – Marble Arch, London 3 months Voluntary

2nd placement Christian Louboutin* – Old Street, London 6 months Paid 

Why did you choose to do a placement and why here?

I have always been interested in branding and marketing. It wasn’t until completing a module in branding that I started to look into job pathways for this area. I came across PR and decided that it sounded perfect for me, so I searched for internships in this area and I was lucky enough to get my first placement at Hunter Boots. 

Kira, Christian Louboutin

When I applied for Christian Louboutin, I honestly didn’t think I would even get an interview but I applied because it would be a dream job for me. I was delighted when within 2 weeks I was asked to come in for an interview, and ended up getting the internship. At the interview they asked me “why PR” and I said what appeals is the idea of a job that is not really a job but is fun and doesn’t feel like “work” because it is enjoyable and getting to work with amazing samples and see it progress from a request to someone wearing a shoe I placed on a celebrity.

Describe what you did on placement

Hunter – Dealing with Editorial request from fashion assistants and stylists. Magazine stylists request samples to borrow for editorial or online shoots, which are then returned, I was in charge of all the samples, tracking, booking into the online system and making sure they were all in good condition. I would pitch to different publications for products they could use in upcoming shoots, and built relationships with the stylists. I also organised all the magazines and looked through them for coverage, I would put the coverage into a weekly report to all Hunter global teams (Japan, NY, Canada, Italy). 

Christian Louboutin – As well as Editorial, I principally deal with celebrity requests. Celebrity stylists will contact us with the event and who they are styling for and requests for shoes and accessories. As this is a luxury brand, the company choose to either loan or reject that celeb. This is different to Hunter who have a slightly different policy being “high street”. In general, on the editorial side (magazine shoots etc), the stylists know exactly what they want which means you might send out 5 pairs of shoes, but you have to work much closer with the celeb stylists to get something placed, continually pitching (often approx. 20 shoes) to try and get the right shoes/bags for the occasion. This is why when a celeb actually wears something you have pitched it feels like you have accomplished so much more. 

What did you work on? 

Hunter – Securing editorial features, celebrity gifting for festivals, organising all new samples, tracking coverage. 

Christian Louboutin – Placing shoes with celebrities for different events such as The Met Gala, Bafta, Cannes and all “Red Carpet” events. Tracking all platforms (Social, online publication, magazine) for coverage, supporting the PR Manger. You are more like a PR assistant than an intern. 

What did you enjoy about it?

Both Hunter and Christian Louboutin had the nicest teams to work for. When you originally think about the fashion industry you think of how it was represented in the film “The Devil wears Prada”, but honestly the people in both of the companies have been like families. Everyone helps each other out, and you are made to feel a valuable part of the team - not just an intern. I learnt a lot - there was always something to do, something to learn. I love how social PR is, and how you build close relationships with stylists and assistants. I have never felt like I was working as I love it. 

What were the highlights; any particular achievements you want to shout about? 

Hunter- Working at a PR Assistant level for a month, and getting told from the Art Director that he would give me a job any day if there was an opening.  

Christian Louboutin - Seeing Celebrities wearing Louboutin to events which I helped place/ chose. Such as Rihanna at the Met Ball. 

What new skills and knowledge did you gain?

Hunter – All the basic PR skills, learning Fashion GPS (software that lets you track samples), how to talk to stylists and assistants, gaining specialised knowledge of the PR industry in a high-pressure environment. Hunter is a small team so a lot was expected of me, which allowed me to learn more than a normal PR Internship role would.  

Christian Louboutin – How luxury PR works, an even faster pace of work, how to deal with celeb requests and stylists. Working with a bigger sample collection, co-ordinating samples with international teams to support different events across the globe, and how to deal with a celeb fitting (when a celeb doesn’t have a stylist and has to come to the office to try on different shoes/styles to wear to an event).

How will this placement help your career?

I strongly believe that after University I will be able to get a job in the PR industry and will be able to start at a PR Coordinator or PR Account Executive level. Both positions were at top brands in their fields (high street versus luxury) and pushed me to work at a higher level than an intern. I would be able to progress to another luxury brand because of this experience. 

How did you find about the placement and how did you apply?

Hunter – I found the advert on Fashion Workie and it was an online application. I had a reply via email 4 weeks later, then a phone interview, and was offered the position on the same day. 

Christian Louboutin -  I found the job on Linked in, and applied through the site. I was contacted within 2 weeks for an interview, was asked back for a second interview with the Communications Manager, and was then offered the position. 

How you feel returning back to USW after the placement?

I’m nervous about returning to Uni, but after working in a fast-paced environment, I feel confident I will be able to apply the valuable skills I have learnt to my course.

Has the placement led to a job offer or anything else such as fees to be paid; a research opportunity?

My experience at Hunter led me to being recommended for high luxury placements, which then landed me my Paid Internship at Christian Louboutin. I have made several industry connections which will be useful when looking for a job after uni. 

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