Joseph, Canadian Hotel

Joseph Pritchard, BA (Hons) Hotel and Hospitality Management

Canadian Hotel - 3 month placement

Joseph Pritchard is a second year BA (Hons) Hotel and Hospitality Management student. He has been selected through his work-based learning, to undertake a work placement at a hotel based in Canada. 

“Since commencing the course, I’ve secured a part-time job at the Celtic Manor Resort, on the front desk. Also, I’ve been selected by the resort to undertake a three-month work placement, at their sister hotel in Canada. During the placement I’ll be working for the golf, leisure and spa team. I’ll also be working in the kitchen which will be fascinating. It’s not usually an area of the business you would gain direct access to.

Joseph Pritchard

In the hotel and hospitality industry, you can’t shy away from getting your hands dirty. It’s what the first year of your studies is all about. I've experienced working in food and beverage, conference and banqueting, concierge and front desk, as well as rooms division. Now into the second year of the hotel and hospitality management course, I’m working at a supervisory level, implementing my understanding of how and why things are done. It’s important during your studies to remember, what you learn is key to you becoming a successful manager. 

The Rooms Division Management module has been my favourite to date. When I undertook work-based learning in this area, it was defiantly challenging. However, I learned that it’s what I love most and where I would like to build my career. On numerous occasions, I’ve received positive feedback surrounding my work. It’s encouraged me to continue the good work I do and to seek new ways of improving the service I provide."