Henri, Voquis Limited

Henri, BSc Computer Applications Development

Voquis Ltd. - Sandwich Placement 

"Through this placement, I believe I now have working knowledge of tools used by most software houses, including source code management, public clouds and the software development lifecycle."

Why did you choose to do a placement; and why here?

As part of the student visa application procedure, I had to go through a credibility interview. I was able to re-evaluate and make plans for my next few years in the United Kingdom. A placement would provide me with the opportunity to create a network of industrial professionals and clients. Also, once I graduate, I want to stand out from the crowd of job applicants.

Henri, Voquis Limited

Describe what you did on placement, what projects did you work on?

I worked as part of a DevOps team building and running websites and web applications.  I was involved in building front-ends, cloud infrastructure and automated pipelines to deploy services.

What did you enjoy about it?

I enjoyed helping new joiners to the team get up to speed with the project and technologies we used and the processes I had implemented.  I also enjoyed the flexibility to learn and prepare for industry-recognised certifications.

What were the highlights. any particular achievements you want to shout about?

I obtained two AWS cloud certifications and a Hashicorp infrastructure certification, highlighting my proficiency in DevOps.

What new skills and knowledge did you gain?

During my work placement, I gained working knowledge of cloud computing and software engineering, in particular, serverless computing, containerisation, infrastructure as code and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD). I also understood the various stages organisations go through on their cloud migration journey.

How did you find about the placement and how did you apply?

As part of one of my second-year modules, I undertook a 70-hour unpaid internship under the guidance of departments work placement partner Karin Rees. After the placement, I maintained in touch with the corporate representative and was able to secure additional work with the company.

How you feel returning back to Uni after the placement?


Has the placement led to a job offer or anything else such as fees to be paid, a research opportunity?

I have been offered the maximum number of hours I am eligible to work as defined by my visa once the placement finishes.