Francesca, National Museum of Wales

Francesca Scandariato - BA (Hons) Theatre and Drama

"The placement has not only left me far more open minded about other art forms and the stories they tell and the knowledge they give, but it has given me more pathways to research for future careers. "

"I enjoyed having complete creative control of the project. I was given the premise of the project and after that, I was left to do my own thing. This was ideal as I was interested in the project so I wanted to do it. I was really impressed with how the looks turned out and how well the short video montage ended and how well it was received."

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I chose to do my placement in the National Museum Cardiff with the Youth Engagement Coordinator Sarah Younan. I was recommended by a friend to Sarah for her project as they felt I was a great fit. I chose to do the placement as it was an opportunity to get creative with makeup and film, the initial idea was one I was genuinely interested in so it was easy to make the decision to learn more, whilst enjoying myself at the same time.

 My placement was about storytelling through makeup. The initial idea was to use Adobe Capture to find colour palettes of paintings in the museum’s galleries and use them to create makeup looks. The aim was to engage more young people in the museum.

 Upon looking at many paintings in the museum that caught my eye, I initially focussed on San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight by Claude Monet and Larkspurs by Henri Fantin-Latour. I began sketching initial ideas of makeup looks and just began creating looks on my face. I did one look on my face (inspired by Larkspurs) and a friend did a look inspired by San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight. I did this to see art from a different perspective and tell a different story through the look. I uploaded the looks onto various social media platforms to encourage and engage young people in the museum.

Whilst my specific placement hasn’t led to direct paid opportunities, there are always projects going on and projects waiting to start and the museum are more than happy to offer placements to students interested in their work.

 Here is the video I created: