Enterprise work placement


"I felt thoroughly supported and was able to ask questions at any point throughout the placement with fast replies. The experiences I had have been essential to my growth as a creator this year. 

The placement is the most accessible for students of all backgrounds and financial standpoints, especially as it was delivered online. 

Prepare questions before every meeting - the help you will receive on this placement is unlike any other!" 

Ellie Topley (BA Hons Theatre & Drama) 

"It was a pleasure working with Enterprise. I have been told that even when the placement officially finishes or even when I finish my university degree, I can still ask them for help and advice and they will be happy to help, Additionally, it made me feel like I am not losing time but using every minute of my time to learn and make something I can draw from in the future. 

I would recommend this placement to everyone who would like to open their own company in the future …. It is a great opportunity!" 

Klaudia Rogut (BA Hons Theatre & Drama) 

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Not every student wants to become an ‘employee’ once they’ve graduated. Many, especially within the Creative Industries are interested in setting up their own company or freelancing. When we are asking students therefore to gain work experience, it makes sense to offer this as an option for them to explore and experience. 

This is why the Student Enterprise and Placements teams developed and piloted a new pathway during 2020/21 for students looking to enter the world of self-employment through freelancing or business start-up, and students could opt for this as a work experience option. The Student Enterprise placement is a 30-70 hour programme designed to facilitate the entry-level route into freelancing and business start-up. 

7 students took part in the pilot, from Performance/Media/Theatre courses, and received support from the Student Enterprise team, and dedicated business mentors from our partners across the sector. There is an expectation students are self-motivated and driven – a key requirement to being a successful entrepreneur. The programme was guided and supported, but the students were very much part responsible for setting the agenda, and ensuring they complete the necessary research, activity and analysis to form a business plan and establish a test trading opportunity. 

Students participating in the Enterprise Placement were invited to engage with the full range of Student Enterprise events and activities taking place, which added value, as well as giving the student(s) the opportunity to develop networks, access additional expert advice, and build upon their experience. These including an industry expert led ‘Marketing & Branding Masterclass’, a ‘Freelance & Startup Masterclass’ and an offer to join external programmes facilitated by Big Ideas Wales and Business Wales. 

Following the great success of the pilot, this option will now be offered to further courses as an option for their assessed work experience modules and we can’t wait to see some of these ideas turn into successful ventures in the near future!