Elliot, Crane Process Flow Technologies

Elliot Davies, BA (Hons) Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Crane Process Flow Technologies - Sandwich Placement

Elliot Davies, a BA (Hons) Logistics and Supply Chain Management student, completed a year-long placement as a Supply Chain Intern at Crane Process Flow Technologies in Cwmbran, South Wales. At the end of the placement, Elliot was offered a part time role with the company, which will run alongside his studies.  

"During my time at Crane I was very much involved with the day-to day running of the business, looking after our suppliers with any issues or any issues we had with them.

Elliot Crane Process

One of my responsibilities was being in charge of the Planner L, which is our method of telling the stream and the sales team that we do not have a supply route for this part.  

In this role, I had to contact suppliers to find out whether they could supply the part and if so, the price and lead time. 

Un o'm cyflawniadau mwyaf oedd gweithredu ymarfer arbed costau, trwy symud chwe rhan o un ffowndri i'r llall. 

It's estimated this will save the company in excess of £32,000 a year.

was heavily involved in the whole business process - from meeting with the supplier to managing internal meetings to make sure everyone involved knew what was happening and informed of any issues. 

Having this kind of experience on my CV will give me a huge advantage."