Elisedd, Randi Rahm

Elisedd Mai Howells, BA (Hons) Fashion Design

2 Month Fashion Internship at Randi Rahm, 501 Madison Avenue, New York

"After completing a short internship in Paris last year I realised how a placement abroad strengthens your CV as it makes  it stand out from others. As a result of this I was keen to complete another placement abroad in another fashion capital during my placement year as well as local ones.  After keeping in contact with one of the designers from the fashion show in Paris I was able to arrange this amazing opportunity for me and Anna Hillier to intern in New York."

We had a variety of responsibilities including running fashion errands sourcing the correct fabrics/supplies from the garment district in NYC , pattern cutting, hand sewing, assisting backstage in the fashion shows and many more.

Throughout our internship we worked on the bridal collection and had the opportunity to see the garments develop from initial design to the final piece in the bridal show.  

It was a great opportunity to see the garments in the final show and to appreciate the hard work that goes in to the collection. 

Elisedd Randi RahmElisedd New York

My placement in New York has strengthened my pattern cutting skills considerably as I have had the opportunity to work alongside an extremely talented pattern cutter that studied at the fashion institute of technology, and has worked in the New York fashion industry for years. Working with this luxury couture brand has also developed my understanding of how fashion brands operate and the production process of each piece included in a collection. 

As well as strengthening my skills this placement has developed my confidence. It was very challenging especially as the bridal show date came closer there was no time for mistakes but dealing with this kind of pressure has made me more confident that I can work in the most challenging of environments. 

This placement will help me in my career as it will stand out on my CV that I have worked in this fashion capital. After meeting and becoming friends with such talented people in the fashion industry hearing of their stories and listening to their advice about the importance of creating a graduate collection that shows all of your skills I feel far more confident to complete my last year of University and create a graduate collection that will kick start my career in the fashion industry."