Edward, Eaton Entertainment Lighting Systems

Edward Smith, BSc (Hons) Lighting Design & Technology

Eaton Entertainment Lighting Systems - Sandwich Placement

Why did you choose to do a placement; and why here?

I chose to do a placement for the invaluable skills and experience this would offer. The company I chose to do a placement with is a company I have wanted to work with for years, so when they were able to fulfill my request to do a placement with them it was a great achievement. Eaton Lighting Systems were incredibly welcoming and supportive, and encouraged me to strive to do my best. 

Describe what you did on placement

As Product Support, this entailed the following:

  • Training Customers and Potential Customers
  • Performing Sales Demos
  • Software Testing
  • Software Specification
  • Supporting Customers

What projects did you work on?

To name a few:

  • Developing Lighting Console Software
  • Releasing a new lighting console
  • Creating and compiling a new product and services knowledge base

Edward, Eaton Entertainment Lighting Systems

What did you enjoy about it?

The placement was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the roles and responsibilities the company offered, and ensured I performed them to the best of my ability. It was a very rewarding year.

What were the highlights; any achievements you want to shout about? 

The biggest achievement was releasing the new lighting console. Other highlights included leading training sessions at trade shows. 

What new skills and knowledge did you gain?

  • Training/Presentation skills
  • Technical skills
  • People skills
  • Industry Contacts
How will this placement help your career?

I hope to work for the company I did my placement with full time when I graduate. Throughout the final year of my course, I am continuing to work for them part-time alongside my studies.

Has the placement led to a job offer or anything else such as fees to be paid; a research opportunity?

Yes, this placement has been very beneficial and has led to part-time work. I hope that after I graduate this will lead to full-time employment with the company.