Callum, Cardiff Council

Callum Sparks, BA (Hons) Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Cardiff Council's Commissioning and Procurement Team - Sandwich Placement

The year out in industry was a great opportunity that allowed me to develop my procurement knowledge, especially within the public sector, whilst also preparing me for the world of work after my degree. During my placement, I worked on a number of projects to help Cardiff Council deliver the frontline services it is required to provide the residents of Cardiff. 

These ranged from small tenders to multi-million-pound Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Frameworks including:-

Callum Cardiff Council 

  • Passenger Transport DPS £49m
  • Specialist Waste Management Vehicles £20m
  • VAT Partner Framework £2.4m
  • Volvo Ocean Race ICT Infrastructure
  • Corporate Category Responsible for around £140m of spend (Cardiff overall around £400m)

Following my placement, my employment continued with Cardiff Council as Category Specialist working within the Corporate Category Management on a part-time basis alongside my final year studies. This really helped me in my last year of studies as I was able to bring what I learnt during my employment with Cardiff Council into the classroom to further develop my learning and give critical arguments using real-life examples to support my work. This ultimately helped me in graduating with a 1st Classification. I now hold a full-time position within Cardiff Council in which part of my role sees me being actively involved in the recruitment of the next generation of students.