Blathanaid, South Wales Police

Blathanaid, BSc Computer Forensics 

South Wales Police - Sandwich Placement 

Why did you choose to do a placement; and why here?

I knew employers in my field like people applying for the jobs to have relevant work experience. I have always wanted to stay in Wales to work so I knew to get a job in one of the Welsh forces I would need experience. This is what made me apply to do an internship with South Wales Police in their Digital forensics’ unit. 

Blathanaid, South Wales Police

Describe what you did on placement

Obviously, a lot of the work I did has to be kept confidential. But in my time at the unit I learnt what processes the force used when doing an investigation and how the court process works. I was able to build and improve on the skills I had learnt at University. I also had the opportunity to fix mobile phones to ensure the investigation could take place. I examined mobile and computer devices using a variety of forensic software. I was made imaging supervisor, I was put in charge of imaging devices and booking in property. I updated the School Uniform Database which is used for victim identification. I spent some time assisting the Victim ID officer. I also had the chance to examine two cars, this involved removing the car infotainment system and examining it back at the unit. 

What did you enjoy about it?

I enjoyed being able to go to work every day and actually enjoy it. Every day I learnt how to do something new. I enjoyed working with the team at the unit. I have enjoyed building on my skills and learning new skills.  I enjoyed gaining skills and knowledge in examining cars, this was something I had been interested in before starting the internship and now I have had the chance to assist Investigators doing the examination. 

What were the highlights; any particular achievements you want to shout about? 

My major highlight was gaining a full time Digital Forensic Investigator job with Dyfed Powys Police. My internship with South Wales Police enabled me to gain the skills and knowledge needed to get a full-time job.  The internship was a highlight I will always be grateful for, it has provided me with so many essential skills and I have worked with an incredible team. 

What new skills and knowledge did you gain?

I have learnt a lot of important investigation skills to ensure my work is to a high standard. I have also learnt how the court process works which will be vital for when I start my new job. As I mentioned earlier I have learnt how to fix devices for the investigation to be able to take place. I learnt how to examine mobile and computer devices. I have had the chance to improve my skills with a variety of forensic software.

How will this placement help your career?

This placement has already helped my career as I have gained a full-time Digital Forensic Investigator job with Dyfed Powys Police.